How to get a visa

Tourist visa - Go To Russia

How to get a visa

There is the opinion that getting a Russian visa is a hard and time-consuming process. Actually, it’s not.

In order to obtain a visa, you need to make three simple steps:

  1.  Get a visa invitation:

  2. Fill in the form on the web of the MFA of the RF:

  3. Apply to the consulate with the set of documents.

In a few days, you can come to take your prepared visa.

The preparation of all the documents can take no longer than an hour in front of the computer but some of the beginners may have their difficulties. We have made the detailed manual describing the process step-by-step, containing the list of the necessary documents and examples how to fill them in so that you get everything right and obtain your visa without problems. Ready, set, go!

1. Do you actually need a visa?

If you’ve decided to come to Russia you will probably need a visa. This document gives you the right to cross the Russian borders and live in the country for a while. Russian visa is pasted into your foreign passport. It looks like this:

If you’re a citizen of the EU, the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Australia you will definitely need a Russian visa.

Only the citizens of the countries, which signed an agreement about a visa-free regime with Russia, can come to Russia without visa. Find your country on the map below and see if you need a visa. If you do, let’s investigate how to get it.

2. What visa do you need?

Russian visa can be issued in several types; which one to choose depends on purposes of your trip.

Tourist visa

If you dream to make a picture near the St Basil’s Cathedral, walk by the Nevsky prospect, visit other Russian cities – choose a tourist visa.

We recommend you to issue a tourist visa even if you are going to a conference or planning to visit your relatives (friends) because in this case the issuance process is the simpliest and the fastest.

Visa is active up to 30 days, you can’t stay longer. The prolongation is only possible in case of illness.

More often, the consulate issues a single-entry visa. This means that you can enter and leave Russia only one time.


Tourist visa - Go To Russia

Business visa

If you have a business in Russia or you plan a business trip you can arrange a business visa. It is issued for up to one year but in special cases it can be valid for even up to five years.

By having a business visa, you can visit Russia multiple times but you are not allowed to stay in Russia for more than 90 days in each half year.

Suppose, you obtain a business visa. You can live in Russia for 180 days in a year: 90 days in the first half a year and 90 days in the second one. You can’t stay for longer than 90 days without leaving a country.

Russian business visa photo


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